Utility Interfaced Pulse-Width Modulation of Solar Fed Voltage Source Inverter Using Fixed-Band Hysteresis Current Controller Method

  • CU Eya
  • CI Odeh
  • DBN Nnadi
  • MU Agu
  • ES Obe
Keywords: utility interface, single phase full bridge inverter, boost converter, pulse-width modulation, xed-band hysteresis current controller, current sensor


This paper describes a utility interfaced pulse-width modulation of solar-fed voltage source single phase full bridge inverter. The proposed system has to do with the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy; boosting the dc power; inversion of the dc to ac and then synchronization of the inverter output with the utility, and consequently, reduction of the total harmonics distortions in the supply. The proposed system will ensure steady state availability and suffciency of power supply to its areas of applications. To achieve this, current sensor, xed-band hysteresis current controller and lter were employed to ensure proper injection of power to utility side and vice versa. The computer simulations and spectral analysis of the system obtained from Simplorer Software were presented. This proposed system is designed for use in residential houses and industries.
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eISSN: 2467-8821
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