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Liquid Soap Production with Blends Of Rubber Seed Oil (RSO) And Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) with Locally Sourced Caustic Potash (KOH)

EA Aiwize, JI Achebo


The production of liquid detergent using locally sourced palm fruit bunch (Elaeis Guineesis) waste saponier has been investigated. An optimum blend ratio of rubber seed oil to palm kernel oil RSO:PKO 20:80 being constituent elements used for the production of the soap; was obtained using the Duncan Multiple Range Test. The black pigmentation in the oil was removed by bleaching and passing compressed air through it using laboratory grade activated carbon. Saponication values of 130.5 and 126.3 were obtained for the local KOH and laboratory grade respectively. From expert test results, good quality soap was produced using local KOH comparable to laboratory grade KOH.

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