Environmental/Climatic Effect on Stand-Alone Solar Energy Supply Performance for Sustainable Energy

  • DBN Nnadi
Keywords: solar radiation, maximum power point, Photovoltaic panel, environmental factors


This paper investigates the climatic eects and environmental variations on the performance of a stand-alone photovoltaic system. The eects of partial shading with dierent climate conditions and load resistance variations were examined. A survey of some of the work done in this eld of environmental eect on solar panel was included. Also PV cell was modeled from which MATLAB simulations were carried out to investigate some of the climatic and environmental eects on PV system. A discussion of results obtained from simulations is also included in this paper. Simulated results are given and comparisons were made between simulated results and earlier works done. Simulation results obtained tries to justify the findings.
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eISSN: 2467-8821
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