Preliminary Context Analysis of Community Informatics Social Network Web Application

  • S Ozuomba
  • GA Chukwudebe
  • F Opara
  • M Ndinechi
Keywords: Community, Development, Informatics, Context, Network, Web Application


Preliminary context analysis is always part of the feasibility study phase in the development of information system for Community Development (CD) purposes. In this paper, a context model and a preliminary context analysis are presented for Social Network Web Application (SNWA) for CD in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The context model helps CD facilitators to visualize how SNWA fits into the wider information system for CD and also shows the essential context factors that must be considered in order to tailor the SNWA for CD purposes. Furthermore, the preliminary context analysis used case study research method to provide answers to pertinent questions concerning the situated context of use for the niche SNWA. In all, the context model and context analysis are useful for setting research agenda for the development and diffusion of niche social network for local CD purposes.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443