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Multichannel Distribution Meter: A Veritable Solution in Power Distribution and Theft Prevention in Congested Environments

GO Uzedhe
G Ofualagba


Power theft in partitioned commercial apartments, especially in the form of unpaid bills due to disputes, is a major challenge to revenue recovery in the power sector. This paper presents a multi-channel power distribution metering solution that serves to resolve disputes among users in partitioned apartments, and between the power distribution company and the end users of electricity. Partitioned apartments in commercial buildings particularly in congested environments shares energy supply meters among several users. This often leads to disputes and results to power theft in the form of unpaid bills and meter tampering. This paper described how power from a single supply meter can be adequately shared among a number of users with dispute arbitration. Each user’s channel is fed, monitored and controlled from a central unit which calculate and display energy usage, per unit cost and amount in cash consumed per channel. Compliant/non-compliant channel are connected/disconnected through a remote wireless access. It is envisaged that the use of this method for electricity distribution in commercial apartments, will greatly reduce power theft and increase revenue generation for the power industry. It will also eliminate disputes and possible litigations for the power industry and among users.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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