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Assessment of household energy utilized for cooking in Ikeja, Lagos state, Nigeria

E Emagbetere, J Odia, BU Oreko


Household cooking energy accounts for a major part of the total energy consumed in Nigeria. Factors affecting the choice of Household energy utilized for cooking and the type preferred in Ikeja area of Lagos state were investigated in this study. Data were obtained through oral interview and administration of structured questionnaire on 250 randomly sampled households in the study area. MATLAB was used to conduct descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and percentage difference between used energy and preference energy. The study revealed that kerosene and Gas (LPG) were mostly used for daily cooking (48.60%) and (36.30%) respectively. Only a small proportion use Charcoal, firewood and electricity for their daily cooking, the percentage being 7.10%, 5.7% and 2.4% for charcoal, firewood and electricity respectively. However preference rating of household energy was highest in Gas followed by electricity, kerosene, charcoal and firewood respectively. Chi-test, linear-by-linear relationship test, likelihood ratio test revealed that level of income, level of education and type of employment affects the choice of fuel used for cooking and the type preferred.
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