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Investigation of shear strength parameters and effect of different compactive effort on lateritic soil stabilized with coconut husk ash and lime

C.C. Ikeagwuani
D.C. Nwonu
C Eze
I Onuoha


This paper presented the results of the shear strength parameters and compaction characteristics of lateritic soil stabilized with a combination of Lime and Coconut husk ash (CHA) in various percentages using two compaction methods namely; British standard heavy (BSH) and British standard light (BSL). Undrained triaxial test was conducted to determine shear strength parameters of the stabilized soil with confining pressures of 69kN/m2, 138kN/m2 and 276kN/m2, after preliminary tests had been carried out to determine index properties of the soil. The test was conducted on a mixture of natural soil with 4%lime, which gave least plasticity index and percentages of CHA from 0-12% by dry weight of soil. The BSL and BSH were applied on mixture of soil + 4% lime + percentages of CHA ranging from 4-20% by dry weight of soil. The most plausible improvement in maximum dry density was obtained by adding 4% lime + 12% CHA and 4% lime + 16% CHA using BSH and BSL respectively. The results also show significant improvement in angle of internal friction and cohesion of the soil at 6% and 8%CHA addition respectively.

Keywords: Coconut husk ash; Compaction; Lateritic soil; Lime; Shear strength; Stabilization

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443