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Hydrogenation of toluene on Ni-Co-Mo supported zeolite catalysts

S.M. Shuwa
B.Y. Jibril
R.S. Al-Hajri


Mixed oxides of Ni, Co and Mo supported on five zeolites -ZSM-5-a, ZSM-5-b, HY-a, HY-b and Mordenite were prepared and characterized using many techniques for use as hydrotreating catalysts. In a preliminary investigation, toluene was employed as model compound to test the catalysts in hydrogenation, as a major upgrading reaction. TGA/DSC analysis showed that the impregnation of the metals slightly affected the thermal stability of the zeolites with all catalytic samples displaying good stability up to 730oC.The XRD patterns for all the catalytic samples showed that the framework of the zeolites were retained after impregnation. XRD and TPR results confirmed the presence of molybdenum trioxide on the zeolites with NiCoMo/HY-b displaying high metal-support interaction due to low reduction temperatures. The activity results showed that toluene conversion of almost 100% and selectivity to mainly methyl-cyclohexane was achieved. The catalysts activity test showed that the zeolite support textural properties particularly surface area, pore volume and pore diameter affect the performance of the catalysts. NiCoMo/HY-b displayed the best performance after the few minutes of the reaction due to its high surface area, pore volume and average pore diameter.

Keywords: Hydro treating catalysts; Hydrogenation; Toluene conversion; Surface area; Pore diameter

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443