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Phytochemical and proximate analysis of <i>Aspillia kotschyi</i> (Sch. bipex, hochst) Oliv

A.U. Adamu
E.D. Paul
C.E. Gimba
I.G. Ndukwe


The phytochemical and proximate composition of Aspillia Kotschyi belonging to Compositae family which is commonly used as medicinal plant in Nigeria was determined on both the Methanolic and Petroleum spirit extracts of the plant material The Methanolic extract of the plant revealed the presence of carbohydrates, cardiac glyscosides, flavonoids, triterpene, and alkaloids. The Petroleum sprit extract showed the presence of only carbohydrates and alkaloid. Proximate composition analysis shows moisture content of 5.7%, total ash of 4.03%, crude protein 10.39%, fibre 9.06%,Fat value 0.83%,and Nitrogen free extract of 70.19%. The results of this study suggest some merit in the popular use of Aspillia kotschi in herbal medicine.

Keywords: Aspillia kotschyi, Phytochemical, Proximate composition

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443