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Effect of number of rotor poles on AC losses of permanent magnet machines having two separate stators

C.C. Awah
O.I. Okoro


A study on permanent magnet (PM) eddy current and core losses of dual-stator PM machines is investigated in this paper. The analyzed core losses include: the rotor core loss, stator core loss and the total core loss of the machines. Further, the effect of their different rotor pole number is also presented with quantitative comparison. Due to the relatively high electrical frequency of the analyzed 14-rotor pole machine, it gives the largest amount of PM eddy current loss. Similarly, the 13-pole machine exhibits the largest amount of total core loss amongst the compared machines. Although, the investigated machine having 4-rotor pole has a low core loss value, likely due to its low electrical frequency. However, it has the poorest efficiency amongst all, due to its very low output torque. Overall, largest torque density is obtained in the 13-pole machine at rated current condition.

Keywords: core loss, efficiency, PM eddy current loss, PM flux linkage, power and torque

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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