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The impact of machine geometries on the average torque of dual-stator permanent magnet machines

C.C. Awah
O.I. Okoro


The influence of leading design parameters such as rotor radial size and arc lengths, aspect ratio, stator yoke thickness, stator tooth-width and slot-opening/slot pitch-ratio etc. on the average torque of permanent magnet (PM) machines having dual-stator arrangement is investigated in this study. Further, the effect of their different rotor pole numbers is also presented and quantitatively compared. The analyzed machines are optimized using the evolutionary approach with a goal for optimum torque yield. The analysis shows that, each of the varied machine parameters has an optimum value for maximum torque production owing to their varying electromagnetic reaction which tends to saturate at some point on the magnetic path. Moreover, the best performance amongst the investigated machines is given by the machine type having eleven rotor pole number.

Keywords: average torque, dual start, machine geometry, optimal value, PM machines

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443