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Time of arrival 3-D position estimation using minimum ADS-B receiver configuration

A.S. Yaro
A Abdulaziz
S Salisu
S Muhammad
S.A. Eleruja


The location from which a signal is transmitted can be estimated using the time it takes to be detected at a receiver. The difference between transmission time and the detection time is known as time of arrival (TOA). In this work, an algorithm for 3-dimensional (3-D) position estimation (PE) of an emitter using the minimum receiving stations configuration was developed. The TOA measurements estimated from three automatic surveillance dependent broadcast (ADS-B) receivers are used to evaluate the performance of the PE algorithm. The result shows that the triangular ADS-B receiver configuration is capable of 3-D PE for emitter locations within 190 km coverage radius and that the altitude estimation error is 2 km higher than the horizontal coordinate estimation error. Within the 3-D PE coverage of the ADS-B receiver, the maximum horizontal and altitude error expected are 0.12 km and 2.2 km respectively.

Keywords: TOA, ADS-B, position estimation, minimum configuration, surveillance

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443