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Design and implementation of a density-based traffic light control with surveillance system

Y.N. Udoakah
I.G. Okure


Traffic congestion especially at road intersections is becoming an issue for which road traffic users contend with daily. The conventional traffic light applies a fixed logic of allocating equal “GO” time to lanes of traffic at road intersections irrespective of the density of traffic on each lane. Using the PIC18F4550 microcontroller interfaced with infrared sensors, a new traffic light control system was developed to ease the flow of traffic at a particular troubled spot in Uyo Metropolis (Abak Road, Udo Eduok, Udo Obio streets intersection) in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Simulation of the proposed design was performed using the Proteus Software while implementation was carried out on a prototype. Performance evaluation of the prototype implemented showed that the 4 arrays (IR Transmitter and Receiver) of infrared sensors interfaced with the microcontroller using AND gates and strategically positioned to read the density of traffic on each lane at the intersection triggered when a vehicle comes between the transmitter and the receiver. Obtaining inputs from these sensors together with the logic from the microcontroller, a new traffic light control system was developed capable of controlling traffic based on the density of each lane of traffic. Results obtained from simulation and implementation of the design indicates that the traffic control system with the PIC18F4550 microcontroller and the infrared sensors gives a better performance compared to the conventional traffic light control system.

Keywords: Road traffic density, Traffic light, Uyo metropolis, ‘+’ road intersection, Proteus

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