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Influence of relative humidity on tensile and compressive creep of concrete amended with ground granulated blast-furnace slag

E. E. Ambrose, J. P. Forth


This paper presents an experimental study on the influence of ambient relative humidity on tensile creep of plain concrete amended with Ground Granulated Blast - furnace Slag and compares it with its influence on compressive creep. Tensile and compressive creep tests were carried out on concrete specimens of 34.49 MPa compressive strength and 0.56 water/binder ratio at 51, 68 and 100% relative humidity. The results show a linear relationship between compressive creep and relative humidity; this cannot be said about tensile creep. Tensile creep was observed to be more sensitive to change in ambient humidity than compressive creep. Based on equal applied stress, tensile creep was found to be several times higher than compressive creep and the difference was great er in drying creep than in basic creep. On the basis of equal stress/strength ratio, tensile - to - compressive creep ratio was slightly less than 1 for drying creep and much less for basic creep.

Keywords: Compressive Creep, Concrete, Relative Humidity, Strain, Strength, Tensile Creep
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