Performance evaluation of sprinkler irrigation system at Mambilla beverage limited, Kakara-Gembu, Taraba state-Nigeria

  • F. G. Ngasoh
  • C. C. Anyadike
  • C. C. Mbajiorgu
  • M. N. Usman
Keywords: Tea, irrigation System, Performance Evaluation


Irrigation systems are designed to achieve a desired efficiency which in turns improve food productivity. This paper evaluated the Kakara Tea Irrigation System (KTIS) based on its coefficient of uniformity CU, delivery performance ratio (DPR), irrigation p roductivity (IP), labour requirements and water quality. Standard procedure was used for the evaluation. Christiansen’s equation was used to compute CU. EDTA and flame photometer methods were used to analyse water quality. The result indicated that KTIS h as a CU of 90.9%, DPR of 0.79 which indicated an efficiency of 79%. Sprinkler discharge rate was 1.2l/s and application rate was 7.5mm/hr. It is capable of irrigating 41.1ha/day with an average irrigation cycle of 9days and irrigation productivity of 2613. 7kg/ha. Total irrigation production contributes 68.6% to the annual production; case study of 2016 production record. The exchangeable cations analysis of Kakara irrigation System water indicates thus; Na (0.75mgL-1), Ca (1.01mgL-1) and Mg (0.20mgL-1) and Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) value of (9.64mmoleL1 ), while the pH was 5.6. The result also indicated variation in discharge. Comparing the irrigation productivity (IP) with previous production records from 2011 - 2016 showed good irrigation performance tre nd of Mambilla Beverage Company irrigation scheme. However, the system is labour intensive since the laterals have to be moved after some period of time. The implementation or adoption of permanent laterals and risers will reduce manual labour demand. Variation in discharge can also be adjusted via use of uniform laterals, risers, and nozzles. This study further recommends an incorporation of a soil and water laboratory for the company to aid in monitoring the soil and water quality of the irrigation area.

Keywords: Tea, irrigation System, Performance Evaluation


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