Development of Bi-modal exercise bicycle for physical fitness and rehabilitation

  • O. P. Fidelis
  • A. O. Falola
  • D. O. Odebiyi
  • E. O. Nwoye
Keywords: exercise bicycle, cycling, ergometer, fitness, rehabilitation.


Exercise bicycles are used for kinesiological activities; to increase general fitness, and for training for cycling events. They are also used for weight loss. The aim of this study is to produce a special exercise bike which allows for both upper and lower limbs pedalling either independently or otherwise. The manufacturing processes employed in the design involved the use of AutoCAD design suite and other production engineering processes which included material selection and acquisition, cutting, welding and drilling. The device was tested for both comfort and effectiveness for cardiac rehabilitation using the rate of heartbeat as the test parameter. A strong positive correlation was found (p<0.001; r=0.962) between the two heart rate tests. An ergonomic evaluation of the bi-modal exercise bike showed 98% suitability of the seat-pedal height with the knee height of the study population and 100% suitability of the seathandle post height with the buttock-knee length of the population. In conclusion, the goal of developing a bi-modal exercise bike that permits simultaneous upper and lower limbs pedalling was realised.

Keywords: exercise bicycle; cycling; ergometer; fitness; rehabilitation.


eISSN: 2467-8821