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Development of cutting fluid from spent engine oil

C.P. Nwadinobi, J.U. Okoli


The suitability of cutting fluids formulated from spent engine oil has been considered. In the formulation, recycled Spent Engine Oil was used as a base oil, liquid washing soap as emulsifier, phenol was applied as disinfectant while sulphur served as extreme pressure agent. Analysis and comparative assessment of the physical-chemical properties of samples of cutting fluid was conducted. From the performance analysis, the optimal sample has values such as flash point, 205.92oC; pour point, -13.04 oC. Viscosity, at 40oC gave an average value of 96.06cst. At 100oC, have average value of 7.57cst. The sample has average pH value of 9.03. In corrosion grading, it rated non-corrosive. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the developed products was measured, among other parameters, through tool tip temperature, material removal rate and tool tip wear. Sample VII presented the least mean temperature of 32.5oC. Sample III presented the minimum mean value of tool tip wear. Sample VII gave the best material removal rate of 5.68g/min. From the results obtained from the analysis, the developed spent engine oil based cutting fluid samples compared favourably with the conventional cutting oil, thus making them acceptable for machining application and can also be an economical choice for use in machining processes.

Keywords: Spent engine oil, Cutting Fluid, Turning, Regeneration process, Comparative assessment
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