Comparative analysis of calorific values of selected agricultural wastes

  • J.O. Awulu
  • P.A. Omale
  • J.A. Ameh
Keywords: Agricultural waste, calorifuc value, corn cob, Rice husk and saw dust


Energy used for domestic application are expensive and beyond the reach of the rural poor. An alternative energy source is therefore a welcome development. This research work was aimed at determining the calorific values of Corn cob, Rice husk and Sawdust agricultural wastes materials. Standard method of calorific value determination involving the use of Bomb Calorimeter was adopted. From the investigation, the calorific value of Rice husk, Sawdust and Corn cob are 2938.86 Kcal/kg, 3155.30 Kcal/kg and 3227.78 KcaI/kg respectively. The agricultural materials were further subjected to briquetting and the calorific values determined to be 2092.48Kcal/kg, 2379.76Kcal/kg and for Rice husk, Sawdust and Corn cob briquettes respectively. The agricultural wastes met the minimum standard calorific value which range from 1500cal/kg – 1670Kcal/kg. The selected wastes have calorific values in the following decreasing order: Corn cob> Sawdust> Rice husk; and the corresponding briquettes is in the order: Corn cob>Sawdust >Rice husk. The selected wastes however, have lesser calorific values when briquetted. If agricultural wastes are used in place of firewood, this development will minimize deforestation which leads to desert encroachment and soil degradation.

Keywords: Agricultural waste, calorifuc value, corn cob, Rice husk and saw dust


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