Nonlinear control model and operational support system for the Kainji Hydroelectric Power System

  • O Ogunbiyi
  • C.T. Thomas
  • I.O.A. Omeiza
  • J Akanni
  • B.J. Olufeagba
Keywords: Hydroelectric Power, Inflow, Model, Operating Head, Turbo-alternator


Over the past years, hydropower model and control were largely based on classical and linear transfer function, this was motivated by the available control system design techniques that were available and the desire to simplify the design procedure. Such a model is inadequate for dynamic study and design of hydropower station in the presence of uncertainties in the water head, discharge rate, elastic water effect, traveling wave effect, large variation power output and frequency. This research, therefore, focuses on developing a nonlinear model for the Kainji hydroelectric power station. The model relies on the energy conversion principles, inflows, discharge, evaporation rate and number of units on busbar. The parameters of the model were also estimated, and the model validated with an error within +1.4% to -3.6%. The model is expected to be used to determine the optimal control policies for the operation of the station and the release of water to the downstream.

Keywords: Hydroelectric Power, Inflow, Model, Operating Head, Turbo-alternator


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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443