Design and performance evaluation of an electrically powered multi-purpose food roaster

  • Y.O. Ganiyu
  • M.O. Afolayan
  • S.O. Jolaiya
Keywords: Multi-Purpose, Food, Roasting, Roasting Conditions


Food roasting is a method and technique used for transforming raw food into edible and tasty food accompanied with change or alteration in the appearance, taste, aroma, shape, or colour of the end product. The traditional method of use of open grill in Nigeria as an example, does not produce consistent end products. This work is about a multi-purpose roasting machine for Maize (Zea maize), Plantain (Musa paradisiaca) and Yam (Dioscorea Sagittifolia). The roasting temperature is allowed to vary between 160-240oC and the distance between the heat source and the item being roasted is also adjustable (50mm-150mm). A 10-50min experiment using ten maize cobs, yam slices and plantain of an average initial weight of 2.9kg, 3kg and 1.16kg respectively led to 6.91%, 6.7% and 9.5% weight loss and 68.4%, 66.1% and 94.1% roasting efficiency.

Keywords: Multi-Purpose, Food, Roasting, Roasting Conditions


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eISSN: 2467-8821
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