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Technical Note: Effect of Incorporating Expanded Polystyrene Aggregate Granules in Concrete Matrix

EM Mbadike, NN Osadebe


Incorporating expanded polystyrene granules in concrete matrix can produce lightweight polystyrene aggregate concrete of various densities. Workability which is an important property of concrete, aects the rate of placement and the degree of compaction of concrete. Inadequate compaction leads to reduction in both strength and durability of concrete. In this research work, the effect of incorporation of expanded polystyrene aggregate granules in concrete was studied. The polystyrene aggregate granules was used to replace 0-40% of coarse aggregates. A mix proportion of 1:1.8:3.7 with water cement ratio of 0.47 were used. Concrete cubes of 150xmmx150mmx150mm of coarse aggregate/polystyrene granules were cast and cured at 3, 7, 28, 60 and 90 days respectively. At the end of each hydration period, the three concrete cubes for each hydration period were crushed and their average compressive strength recorded. A total of ninety (90) concrete cubes were cast. The result of the compressive strength tests for 5-40% replacement of coarse aggregates with polystyrene granules ranges from 5.05-31.75N/mm2 as against 23.59-36.08N/mm2 for the control test. The workability for 5-40% replacement of coarse aggregates with polystyrene granules ranges from 15-63mm as against 10mm for the control test (0% replacement). The incorporation of the expanded polystyrene aggregate granules as concrete matrix results in the decrease in strength of concrete produced.

Keywords: polystyrene aggregate granules, coarse aggregates, compressive strength, workability

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