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Performance Optimizing of a Sanitary Towel Production Plant Using Reliability Model

JA Fadeyi, ON Oguoma, EA Ogbonnaya


The study was conducted in a rm that manufactures sanitary pads and babies disposable towels which production is below the installed capacity as a result of high production downtime that resulted from incessant breakdown of the subsystems of the production system. The aim of the study was to reduce the production downtime signi cantly, thereby optimizing the machine time, and consequently, raising the reliability of the production system. The research work obtained machine breakdown records from the production unit and used the data to estimate the reliability of the production system to be 0.708. This showed that the production system was idle for about 30% of the total machine time, thereby incurring a huge production loss. The hazard rates of vital subsystems obtained, as well as the provision of redundancy for some subsystem as appropriate helped to determine the improved reliability of the production system to be 0.862. The study concludes that reliability model could be an e ective tool in performance optimization of a production system.

Keywords: production system, downtime, reliability, maintenance, redundancy, hazard rate

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