Published: 2021-03-24

Effect of locally sourced Nigerian gypsum on the strength and microstructure of Portland cement mortar

A.D. Muhammad, Y.D. Amartey, J.M. Kaura, T.S. Ijimdiya, A. Lawan


Evaluation of collapse mechanism of telecommunication tower

M. Yanda, O.S. Abejide, A. Ocholi


Modelling of clinker cooler and evaluation of its performance in clinker cooling process for cement plants

J.S. Oyepata, M.A. Akintunde, O.A. Dahunsi, S.S. Yaru, E.T. Idowu


Characterization of train brake-blocks composite reinforced with aluminum-dross

E.O. Obidiegwu, H.E. Mgbemere, E.F. Ochulor, P.A. Ajayi


Typical performance reductions in pv modules subject to soiling in a tropical climate

H.O. Njoku, K.M. Ifediora, P.A. Ozor, J.M. Dzah