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Analytical probing of ordered music for the promotion of global peace, security and ordered world

Olufemi A. Olaleye


The search for global peace and security began with music. Music is a symbolic language; it speaks and communicates directly to the mind. Music evokes emotions and feelings in our central nervous systems, which, in turn, control the mind. The inter-connection between music and human mind by nature is not in doubt, and this makes music to either ennoble or corrupt the character. The paper therefore explores the connectivity between human mind, music and global peace and also provides an insight into how music relates to the experience of emotion. Everyone recognizes the ancient old idea that music affects man, but how? In general psychology, emotions are currently described as specific process – oriented response behaviors. An emotion is always directed at something, whether it is a particular circumstances or a person. Besides, to examine the mutual marriage of music, emotion and peace, focus in this review are the reflection on emotions and morality; significance and nature of value of ordered music; concept of the world order; and the four characteristics of sound which includes pitch, rhythm, intensity and timbre were molded as sound control mechanism of human mind for the achievement of peace and security. The questions now are: if music controls the mind/mood, the mind controls actions, and human actions determine what goes on in the society, what then determines global peace and security?

Keywords: global peace, emotions, mood, psychology, nervous system, security

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eISSN: 1116-428X