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Performance practice and functions of local wine and beer parlor songs in rural Yoruba Communities in Ogbomoso

Kayode O. Olusola


Since the phenomenon of music is ubiquitous and indispensable among the Yoruba and Africans in general, beer and wine parlors/shops engages in one form of musical practice or the other. These could either be in form of purposely organized music as part of entertainment of the customers or an un-organized and spontaneous song performance by the customer(s) or minstrel/roaming singers.

This study attempted to examine the phenomenon of the spontaneous and un-organized song performances by customer(s) at various local wine and beer parlors in the rural Yoruba communities in Ogbomoso, in order to highlight their performance practice and functions. The paper rests on sociopsychological theory; and the participant observation, oral interview and bibliography method as the research method.

The findings from the data collected revealed that performance practice of songs by customers at various local wine and beer parlors/shops in the rural Yoruba communities in Ogbomoso metropolis are strictly un-organized and spontaneous in nature and it is structured in three sessions characterized and determined by the level and the effect of the alcohol in-take on the body of the performers. The performers of the songs require no special training, invitation or rules of performance. The text amplifies the state of minds of the performers and the song also plays social-psychological role of selfjustification and consolation, ego and pride display, abusive and satirical role; and self-encouragement. It was observed that alcohol in-take is capable of affecting the mood and instilling a temporary musical inspiration in the consumer.

This paper concludes that song performance by costumer(s) at various local wine and beer parlors/shops fills the vacuum created by the absence of sound system, or Television as obtained in the modern beer parlors, bars,  Night clubs and Restaurants in urban areas in Yorubaland. The songs also plays some psychological roles and plays functional roles in celebrating drinking and relaxation session after a stressful day work.

Keywords: local wine, beer parlour, pepper soup

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