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Psychosocial perspectives on music piracy in Nigeria

Olugbenga Loko


The incursion of record piracy into the mainstream of Nigeria’s music recording industry in the early 1970s has been a bad omen for the recording industry because of its tremendous negative impact on the industry’s growth. Though it has remained an integral part of the recording industry globally, however, in Nigeria it has been aptly described as a significant ‘third’ force in the industry. Its introduction into music has not only brought cleavages but untold hardship to artists, record labels and the collecting societies. As a sociological discourse, the paper employs socio-psychological theory concerned with human needs and forces, which motivate human behaviour as its framework and relies on secondary data, content analysis of record/ CD sleeves as well as personal experiences as a music producer and studio engineer, this paper identifies two attitudinal/ behavioural patterns and the issue of integrity as causatives in the industry. Addressing piracy from behavioural nexus could consolidate and enhance other adopted measures in curtailing and managing activities of pirates in Nigeria’s creative sector. This paper should generate fresh sociological insights on how to tackle the record piracy and its attendant problems.

Keywords: music piracy, recording industry, Nigerian artistes, music business

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