Going global – does career development need to think bigger to support the most disadvantaged?

  • V Brown
Keywords: Globalisation, participation, progression, skills, aspirations, horizons, tensions, goal ambiguities, policies, practice


During this keynote presentation, I will describe the effects of globalisation and consider these, in turn, in the context of implications for career development services and practitioners. It will also include a look ahead to the changing needs of workers and the workplace in the 21st century as a result of "going global". The presentation will also make connections with
the changing policy landscape for education, social inclusion and economic development in the United Kingdom (UK) and Scotland in particular, as a means of examining new demands on our practice as career practitioners. Through this approach, high level concepts will be dealt with, and finally drill down to their meaning in practice through strategic interpretation of world order change and the increasing role career development can play in helping us all make sense of such colossal change and pace of change.

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print ISSN: 0258-2236