The cheeseboard in Dutch fine dining restaurants, III: Using the FSC model in finding good cheese-wine combinations: A pilot study with red bacteria cheeses

  • Jan A. Schulp
  • Rebecca Rive
  • Melissa Leeman
Keywords: flavour profiles, flavour style


The authors selected four wines that, according to their restaurant experience, matched well with red bacteria cheeses. Subsequently, an expert panel created flavour profiles of these four wines and of four red bacteria cheeses, using the FSC model by Klosse (2004, 2014). The cheeses and the wines demonstrated great similarities in flavour profile: high flavour richness, a more coating than contracting mouthfeel and a dominance of ripe flavour tones over fresh tones. These results give further support to Klosse’s rules about matching food and beverages.

Keywords: flavour profiles, flavour style


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2415-5152
print ISSN: 2224-3534