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The taste of a healthy and sustainable diet: What is the recipe for the future?

Peter R. Klosse


The world faces serious challenges and many of those involve current food behaviour. People have been seduced into liking food and drinks that are neither healthy nor good for the environment. Clearly we need a robust food system that is able to feed the growing population of the world. This food system should also be sustainable and good for the planet. What is the recipe for the future? There are no easy answers; everything is connected. According to the World Health Organization, the world needs bold and innovative solutions. This article gives an insight into the reasons the present food system is organised in the way it is and signals the problems. Climate change is a symptom of the malfunctioning of the present system. The food system, from farm to fork, is a major contributor to climate change. We need a systems change to fight climate change. This article presents a systems approach for food systems change and suggests a formula: C.A.T. The foods that are healthy both for the people and planet need to be: Convenient, Affordable and Tasty. These aspects influence food behaviour and are often overlooked. Nobody objects to eating something delicious; cooking, using fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes and to avoid ultra-processed foods, seems to be an important ingredient in the recipe for the future.

Keywords: climate change, dietary guidelines, food, food system, gastronomy, system change, tasty, ultra-processed food