The individual series of this journal are currently being separated into individual journals on AJOL. 
The journal publishes original works on both fundamental and applied research. Such works either demonstrate a significant new discovery or other contribution that has been established to fairly rigorous scientific standards. The Journal will publish articles written in standard British English. However, articles on a specific subject matter will be published in the language of the subject matter and will contain an abstract in British English.

The Journal publishes under a different subject category in each volume, for example:

Rwanda Journal, Series A: Arts and humanities

Rwanda Journal, Series B: Social Sciences

Rwanda Journal, Series C: Mathematical Sciences, Engineering and Technology and Rwanda Journal, Series D: Life and Natural Sciences have merged to form the Rwanda Journal of Engineering, Science, Technology and Environment and can be found here:

Rwanda Journal, Series E: Agricultural Sciences - This series is now a separate journal on AJOL and can be found here:

Rwanda Journal, Series F: Medicine and Health Sciences - This Journal has merged with the Rwanda Journal of Health Sciences and can be found here:

Rwanda Journal, Series G: Law

Rwanda Journal, Series H: Economics and Management

Series A, B, G and H have merged to form the Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business and can be found here:

Published: 2018-02-20

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print ISSN: 2305-2678