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Modelling the influence of age structure on the forest biomass availability: a case study of Karbala forest, Western Mbadjini region of Comoros

Martins O. Onuorah, Mousssa Azhar, Suzan Luyiga


In this work, a deterministic mathematical model for the Influence of human age structure on forest biomass availability, incorporating public enlightenment campaign parameter was developed and analyzed. The model consists of three autonomous differential equations for the forest biomass, Junior and Adult populations. The Zero, Junior and Adult free as well as the interior equilibrium states of the model were obtained and analyzed for stability. Numerical simulation of the various model parameters were obtained using mat lab software. The simulation gave the public enlightenment coverage level that would guarantee high forest biomass density and thus optimum yield.

Keywords: Forest, biomass, Density, Stability, Equilibrium

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