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Socio-Demographic Determinants of Diarrhoeal Diseases among Under Five Years Old Children in Rwanda

Sylvestre Gasurira
Emmanuel Bikorimana
Charité Niyitegeka
Theogene Nyandwi



Diarrhoeal disease is a worldwide public health issue and remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity in children under five years old. Low and middle income countries (LMIC) of Africa and part of Asia are more affected by diarrhoeal diseases.


To measure the prevalence of Diarrhoeal Diseases and to assess Socio-demographic determinants among Under Five Years Old Children in Rwanda.


A cross-sectional design was used. Secondary data analysis was carried out on a sample of 7474 drawn from Rwanda Demographic and Health Survey (RDHS). RDHS used multistage sampling technique.


After running multiple logistic regression, Sociodemographic determinants associated with diarrhoeal included age of children, wealth index category, mother education, husband/partner education, types of place of residence (P-Value<0.05).


The results of the study showed that diarrhoeal remains an important health issue in Rwanda. Occurrence of diarrhoeal was statistically associated with child age, wealth index, education of parents, types of place of residence.

Rwanda J Med Health Sci 2020;3(3):328-341