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Application of Ultrasound-assisted Emulsification Microextraction followed by Gas Chromatography for Determination of Oxadiazon in Water and Soil Samples

A Semnani, H Haddadi, M Rezaee, F Khalilian


In this study, a simple and efficient ultrasound-assisted emulsification microextraction (USAEME) method combined with gas chromatography (GC) was developed for the preconcentration and determination of oxadiazon in water and soil samples. In this method, fine droplets of toluene were formedand dispersed in the sample with the help of ultrasonic waves which accelerated the formation of a fine cloudy solution without using disperser solvents. Several factors influencing the extraction efficiency, such as the nature and volume of organic solvent, extraction temperature, ionic strength and centrifugation time, were investigated and optimized. Using optimum extraction conditions a detection limit of 0.1 μg L–1 and a good linearity in a calibration range of 0.25–250 μg L–1 were achieved for the analyte in a river water sample. This proposed method was successfully applied to the analysis of oxadiazon in water and soil samples.

KEYWORDS Utrasound-assisted emulsification microextraction, oxadiazon, gas chromatography, water samples, soil samples.
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