Indicators of creativity in a technology class: a case study

  • S. Vandeleur
  • P.J. Ankiewicz
  • A.E. De Swardt
  • E.J. Gross


Reproductive learning has answered the survival needs of the past and, although this kind of learning is still required, it is no longer sufficient in education. If one of the challenges of education is to prepare children for a fast-changing world, then teaching children to be creative becomes an imperative. Teachers seem to lack the skills and knowledge needed to recognise when creativity is taking place. In this study we investigated how learners demonstrate creativity whilst engaging in the technological process employing a qualitative research strategy, with observation and focus group interviews as the methods of data collection. From this data, indicators of creativity emerged. Schools must encourage learners to be creative and Technology Education provides an ideal opportunity.

(South African Journal of Education: 2001 21(4): 268-272)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2076-3433
print ISSN: 0256-0100