An industry-sponsored, school-focused model for continuing professional development of technology teachers

  • W Engelbrecht
  • P Ankiewicz
  • E de Swardt


Traditionally a divide has existed between faculties of education at higher education institutions (HEIs) and trade and industry, but the business sector is increasingly buying into community development with corporate social investment, especially regarding technology education. We report on a continuing professional teacher development (CPTD) model, which entails trade and industry sponsoring learning and teacher support material (LTSM) for technology education in under-resourced schools, paying for LTSM through their corporate social investment funds, and sponsoring CPTD of technology teachers where they are trained to use LTSM more efficiently. Trade and industry, together with HEIs and Departments of Education (DoE), could change the traditional concept that CPTD is the responsibility of DoEs into a new model where the business sector shares some of the responsibility for equipping teachers so that they can provide quality education. We argue that custom-made and sponsored LTSM and CPTD play an important role in the training and empowerment of technology teachers.

Keywords: continuing professional development; learning and teacher support material; technology education

South African Journal of Education Vol. 27 (4) 2007: pp. 579-596