Permanently peripheral? Opportunities and constraints in Australian environmental education

  • Ian Robottom


It comes as little surprise that much reference has been made to the theme of 'Change' in this conference. Even first-time visitors to southern Africa (like me) cannot escape the imperative of addressing the theme of social, political and cultural change in this region of the world. And education self-evidently has an important role to play. A recent International Development Program- Education Australia document calling for proposals for projects establishing links between South African and Australian educational institutions speaks of the need to address the issue of education for social reconstruction. Improvement of the capabilities of higher educational institutions in South Mrica to contribute to the Reconstruction and Development Programme {which also implicate primary and secondary schools) is a specific aim of the International Development Programme. So it is important to consider and perhaps restructure the role that education in general and environmental education in particular play in processes of social reconstruction.


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