A contextual perspective on presupposition, with reference to translation studies

  • Y Cui
  • Y Zhao
Keywords: presupposition, context, translation


This paper aims to elaborate on the notion of ‘presupposition’ from the contextual perspective in consideration of translation studies. Presupposition plays an important role for researchers to understand translation or the process of translating, work out the implications of translated texts, and explain various issues concerning translation. As far as translation is concerned, context can be regarded as the source for presuppositions, as translators usually work according to their own presuppositions regarding the target readers and context. In this study, we have established a framework of presuppositions relevant to translation research, covering such aspects as human needs, communicative rules, and textualisation strategies. A case study is provided to demonstrate how the presuppositions are applied in discussing translation issues.

Keywords: presupposition, context, translation


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eISSN: 2224-3380