Information and Communication Technology as an effective tool in employment generation in the educational communication technology sector

  • EC Okechukwu
  • CC Chogozie-Okwum


Information and communication technology is one of the fastest growing fields of human endeavours. ICTs sector is so robust and versatile that almost nothing can get done in this present time and age without  integrating information and communication technology. It has been observed that ICTs have been successfully integrated in the fields of medicine, engineering, visual, theatre, and applied arts, music, finance, sales and marketing and educational technology, just to mention but a few. One benefit of information and communication technology is its ability to get tasks that hitherto would have taken more time to be completed, done in shortest available run-time. This reduced through-put increases efficiency, consequently saves man-power and conserves funds. Against this backdrop, it is seen that ICT contributes to economic growth by  conserving resources. This paper examines concepts of information and communication technology, and the concepts of educational technology. It also looks at how ICTs are used in the educational technology sector, ICTs as a vehicle for economic growth and finally ICTs as a tool for employment generation in the educational technology sector.

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eISSN: 2227-5444
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