Farmers’ Decision to Purchase Quality Declared Seeds in Kongwa District, Tanzania

  • O.N. Mghweno
  • F.J. Mishili
  • S. Nchimbi-Msolla
Keywords: Quality Declared Seed (QDS), Seed Systems, Maize


Maize is the staple food crops produced and consumed in Tanzania. However, among other things, production of maize has been limited by low use of quality seeds due shortage of supply and cost of supply of quality seeds, certified seeds in particular. As part of its efforts, the government of Tanzania adopted Quality Declared Seeds (QDS) production system in around year 2000 to promote quality seeds use. The general objective of the study was to generate evidences that may contribute towards upscaling of commercial small-scale seed production and distribution in Kongwa district. Specifically, the study estimates maize seeds consumption from  different seed system and factors influencing farmers’ decision to purchase QDS using binary logit regression. The study report is based on data from sample of 120 randomly selected maize producers (farmers). The study has shown that maize seeds consumption constituted of seeds obtained from own-saving (70%), QDS (15%), subsidized seeds (9%), other farmers (6%), input suppliers (0.1%) and seed kit programmes (0.1%). Furthermore, membership associations; access to subsidized seeds; demand for more varieties and higher income from agriculture increased the probability of farmers to purchase QDS while high use of own-saved seeds and seed exchange between farmers reduced purchase of QDS. This study recommends improving local seed systems (distribution); building capacity of farmers to produce and purchase QDS through subsidies and credits, and improving preferred local varieties for QDS production.

Keywords: Quality Declared Seed (QDS), Seed Systems, Maize


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