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Recurrent herpes simplex virus keratitis in a young Nigerian male adult: A case report

P.N. Uwagboe, G.N. Atuanya, M.O. Odigie


Herpes Simplex Virus Keratitis is the infection of  cornea by double stranded DNA Viruses.This condition has a tendency to reoccur after a certain period of time. A 25 year old male presented to the clinic with reduced visual acuity, itching, redness, pain and photophobia in the left eye. Onset of symptoms was 10 days prior to presentation.The patient's oculovisual history revealed a previous infection that resulted in scar formation on the cornea of the left eye. A comprehensive case history and slit lamp examination revealed the presence of dendritic ulcer in the left eye of the patient.  The patient was diagnosed with recurrent herpes simplex virus keratitis. An aggressive multi-treatment plan involving the use of antiviral, antibiotics, and anti inflammatory drugs was administered to the patient. This was done in order to minimize corneal scarring in the left eye. A significant improvement in the vision of the left eye of the patient was observed after five times of follow-up visitation to the clinic.

Keywords: Herpes Simplex Virus, Keratitis, Dentritic ulcer, Young adult male

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