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Comparative Assessment of Health Workers Performance and The Per­formance Factors at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals in Kwara State, Nigeria

M.J. Saka
T.M. Akande
A.O. Olarinoye
H.O. Raji
A.O. Saka


Performance measurement is a process by which an organization monitors important aspects of its programs, systems, and care processes. Although the logic of looking at workers' overall environ­ment when analysing productivity has been widely docu­mented, there is need for empirical research exploring the relationships between worker performance and the per­formance factors. Main goal of the study was to determine and compare the factors associated with healthcare provider performance. A cross sectional study was carried out among eight hundred and sixty-six (866) health care providers randomly selected from primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals. Health workers’ age was between 19 to 66 years with mean age of 37.9±9.83, there were more females than males with majority of them are married. All respondents claimed to have received job description. Most of the respondents working at primary healthcare hospitals (PHCHs) 193(75.4), secondary healthcare hospitals (SHCHs) 178(68.5) and tertiary healthcare hospitals (THCHs) 221(63.1) are not well motivated in term of bonuses or praises for good work, while some respondents working at PHCHs 35(13.7%), at SHCHs 48.0(18.5%), and(THCHs) 109(31.1%) received non-monetary incentives from employers. There were opportunities for promotion of healthcare providers at all levels. Few of the healthcare provider’s working in PHCHs 61(23.8%), SHCHs 87(33.5%) and THCHs 82(23.4%) respectively had not received training on quality of health care. On the one-to-one relationships, 10 of the 15 variables tested had very high significant effect on performance of health workers which was independent of types of health facilities. It is recommended that health manager or administrators in the hospital at any level should provide all the composite performance factors and combine monetary and non-monetary incentives with others performance interventions such as training and good feedback to healthcare providers.

Keywords: Health Worker Performance Factors Hospitals Nigeria