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Pap screening as preventive tool against cervical cancer: a report of carcinoma in-situ in a woman with family history of cancer in Ilorin

O.O.K. Ibrahim, A.A. Fawole, S Abubakar-Akanbi


The incidence of cervical cancer in the developed countries has significantly reduced as a result of well-organized and coordinated Pap screening program, which is aimed at detection of pre-invasive lesions that are then promptly treated. We report a 45-year old woman whose immediate elder sister had breast carcinoma, and she presented for routine breast and cervical cancer screening. Pap smears on 2 occasions revealed a high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL). Histopathological evaluation of the cervix after hysterectomy revealed carcinoma in-situ. We discussed the need for early screening for malignancies in persons with significant family history of cancer.

Keywords: Pap smear, Cervical cancer, Ilorin 

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