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Oestrogenic effects of onion and garlic extracts: potential alternatives to synthetic oestradiol?

R.E. Kadir, A Ibrahim, G Oderinde, M.S. Gwadabe, L.S. Ojulari, S.A. Biliaminu


The aims of the study were to investigate the oestrogenic activities of onion and garlic and their effects on the uterus of adult female Wister rats. A total number of thirty (30) rats comprising of five (5) rats in six (6) groups were used. Group I received feeds and water only and served as the control. Group II (oestradiol group) was administered 10µg/kg of oestradiol orally. Groups III and IV were given 1.14gm/kg and 1.7gm/kg body weight of onion extract respectively while groups V and VI were given 1.14gm/kg and 1.7gm/kg body weight of garlic extract respectively for four weeks. The microscopic architectures of uterus of all the study animals were observed under light microscope following the preparation of the tissues (uterus) and subsequent staining with Hematoxylin and Eosin dyes; and serum oestrogen levels were also assayed and compared after four weeks of treatment. Animals in the control group have higher oestrogen levels than other treatment groups including oestradiol group. It was observed that the endometrium of animals in the low onion and oestradiol groups were thicker than the control and other treatment groups. Our study showed that low onion offered some protection to uterus in similar way synthetic oestradiol does. The use of onion or garlic as a potential alternative to synthetic oestradiol in the treatments of oestrogen depletion associated with menopause could not be established.

Keywords: onion, garlic, oestrogen, oestradiol, Wister rat

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