Metaplastic breast carcinoma: a report of two cases

  • A.A. Adejumo
  • O.F. Koroye
  • Y Garba
  • B.M. Mandong
Keywords: Metastastic, Breast Carcinoma, variants


Breast cancers are the commonest female malignancy worldwide with attendant diversity in its clinico-pathological presentation. The diagnosis of this disease entity has witnessed innovations over the decades and many novel therapies have been discovered with respect to the molecular and biological characteristics. There are different variants of breast cancer and this study presents a report of 2 cases of metaplastic breast carcinomas; (a rare variant) diagnosed in our centre. The diagnosis of this entity was corroborated by immunohistochemical analysis. Metaplastic breast carcinomas are a group of rare breast pathologies that demonstrate unpredictable and aggressive clinical course with poor prognostic outcome. Detailed pathological analysis is essential for diagnosis to achieve satisfactory oncological management.

Keywords: Metastastic, Breast Carcinoma, variants


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eISSN: 1117-4153