Problems of managing semi-active records in instituttions of higher learning: the case of University of Dar Es Salaam

  • Evans Wema


This paper discuses problems of managing university records by paying much attention to difficulties in managing semi-current records which, according to records management processes, are supposed to be kept in a records center. Due to absence of this facility, the congested and poorly organized records in university registries in both, the main registry and departmental ones, organizing, storing and retrieving information from these records is a serious problem. The paper suggests several ways of solving the problem. One being that the university establishes a records center whose main purpose will be to house inactive or semi-active records. By so doing, these records will be easily retrieved for occasional use or be kept there pending their ultimate destruction or transfer to archival storage. Another way is by establishing an effective records management program that will provide effective ways of managing records throughout their life cycle. Several examples of records centers in other universities and how efficiently they work have been highlighted.

(University of Dar es Salaam Library Journal: 2003 5(1):46-56)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0856-1818