Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research

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Parents’ Perceptions of HIV and AIDS Education among their Children in Secondary Schools in Masvingo Urban, Zimbabwe

R. Chireshe, E. Chireshe


The study sought to establish Zimbabwean parents’ views on HIV and AIDS Education among their children attending secondary schools in Masvingo. A qualitative design was used. An open ended questionnaire was used to collect data from twenty conveniently selected parents with children attending secondary schools in Masvingo urban, Zimbabwe. Data were thematically analysed. The study revealed that parents believed that their children were aware of the HIV and AIDS pandemic from the discussions they held with them and from questions they were sometimes asked by their children. Sources of children’s knowledge included teachers, school awareness programmes, parents, churches, media and peer group discussions. Parents saw their role as that of directly discussing HIV and AIDS related issues with their children. Some parents felt that schools were not doing enough on HIV and AIDS education while others believed that schools were trying their best. Mothers were taking a more leading role than fathers in teaching children about HIV and AIDS. Parents believed that the implementation of the HIV and AIDS education programme was negatively affected by a number of factors which include lack of resources and cultural beliefs. Parents thought that they should be exemplary by participating in HIV and AIDS education advocacy and testing programmes. Researchers made recommendations to improve the implementation of HIV and AIDS education in schools to enhance sustainable development in response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic. 

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