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Implications of market access on soil and water conservation investment in Sebei sub region of eastern Uganda.

R Gidoi, F Mugagga, M Buyinza, W Wagoire


Market access is one of the motivating mechanisms for farmers to invest in soil and water conservation (SWC). Areas of relatively high agricultural potential but remote from major markets face numerous challenges in marketing their outputs. The objective of this study was to explore the market access determinants of farmer investment in SWC technologies in the highlands of eastern Uganda. A multi-stage sampling technique involving purposive sampling was used to determine the areas where the problem of market access is predominant. A Semi-structured questionnaire was administered to 192 randomly selected household heads. Data was analysed with soft ware packages for social scientist (SPSS). Binary logistic model was fitted to determine the influence of market access to investment in soil and water conservation. The probability distribution of the final chi-square ratio, in respect to market access, was 0.042 (<5%) implying the significant influence of market access to investment in SWC. Linking farmers to better markets for their agricultural commodities would create a positive contribution in raising high economic return and investment in SWC.

Key Words: Infrastructure development, multi-stage sampling, Sebei region, soil and water conservation

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