African Journal of Applied Zoology and Environmental Biology - Vol 6 (2004)

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Table of Contents


Seasonal variations in shrimp, nematopalaemon hastatus and bycatch compositions from coastal artisanal shrimp beam trawl fisheries off Lagos coast and management implications
E Ambrose
Dermatoglyphic patterns in diabetes mellitus in a South Eastern Nigerian population
G S Oladipo, M B Ogunnowo
The effect of nicotine on the lung following chronic tobacco use
O A Georgewill, Z M Ofuya
Nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus by members of the University of Port Harcourt community, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
S N Ibe, A A Onyejekwe
Inhibition of nitrification and carbon dioxide evolution as rapid tools for ecotoxicological assessment of drilling fluids
L O Odokuma, E Akponah
Aspects of intestinal helminth parasites of dogs in World Bank-assisted housing estate, New Owerri, Nigeria
J C Anosike, B E Nwoke, C N Ukaga, N G Madu, I N Dozie
Prevalence of malaria among pregnant women in Owerri municipality, Imo State, Nigeria
F I Ogbusu, B E Nwoke, A J Njoku, J C Anosike, J C Uwaezuoke
Studies on the endoparasites in the gastro-intestinal tract of Clarias garienpinus (Tugels) in Wase Dam, Kano State, Nigeria.
I A Adikwu, B A Ibrahim
Comparative analysis of production costs and revenues of small-scale fisheries in Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria
B B Solarin, K Kusemiju
Decolourisation of azo-based food colouran (carmoisine and ponceau 4r) by Escherichia coli.
N C Oforka, N A Oranusi
Effect of ph and nutrient starvation on biodegradation of azo dyes by Cellulomonas sp.
N A Oranusi, C J Ogugbue
Falciparum malaria and their susceptibility to genetic markers among pregnant women in Uyo, South Eastern Nigeria
K N Opara, E S Ibanga, N B Wali, L P Usip
Bancroftian filariasis in the lower Imo River Basin, Nigeria
E C Uttah, P E Simonsen, E M Pedersen, J K Udonsi
Sporadic onchocerciasis in the lower Imo River basin, Nigeria
E C Uttah, P E Simonsen, E M Pedersen, J K Udonsi
Daytime variations in temperature, dissolved oxygen and ph in brood catfish ponds.
F O Nwadukwe, G C Onuoha
Growth and survival of hybrid catfish fingerlings under three dietary treatments in concrete tanks
F O Nwadukwe, O A Ayinla
Assessment of water quality and plankton of effluent receiving lower Awba stream and reservoir, Ibadan, Nigeria
A G Yakub

ISSN: 1119-023X
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