Published: 2016-01-22

Genetic analysis of baculovirus resistance in lepidopteran model insect Bombyx mori L.

Fan Feng, Jingang Fu, Ping Hu, Xiuwen Zhang, Qin Yao, Keping Chen


Optimization of lipid production in the oleaginous bacterium Rhodococcus erythropolis growing on glycerol as the sole carbon source

Salinee Sriwongchai, Prayad Pokethitiyook, Wanvisa Pugkaew, Maleeya Kruatrachue, Hung Lee


Characterization of the Lactobacillus isolated from different curd samples

Renuka Goyal, Harish Dhingra, Pratima Bajpai, Navneet Joshi


Evaluation of conidia production and mycelial growth in solid culture media from native strains of entomopathogenic fungi isolated from citrus-growing areas of México

Fátima Lizeth Gandarilla-Pacheco, Katiushka Arévalo-Niño, Luis J. Galán-Wong, Carlos F. Sandoval Coronado, Isela Quintero-Zapata


Influence of spice and wine based marinades on bovine Biceps femoris muscle tenderness

Daniela Istrati, Ana-Maria Simion Ciuciu, Aurelia Ionescu, Camelia Vizireanu, Rodica Dinica


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eISSN: 1684-5315