Published: 2023-09-18

Breast cancer co-morbidity among people living with HIV infection in Southern Nigeria

Joseph E. Udosen, Euphoria C. Akwiwu, Dennis A. Abunimye, David U. Akpotuzor, Eme E. Onukak, Onyekachi E. Ibe, Josephine O. Akpotuzor


Prevalence of COVID-19 Infection among outpatients attending a Nigerian tertiary hospital

Joseph E. Udosen, Onyekachi E. Ibe, Joy C. Okanumee, Euphoria C. Akwiwu, Josephine O. Akpotuzor, Jane U. Austin-Abu, Nneamaka C. Alo


Effects of blood donation frequencies and types of blood donors on storage lessions as assessed by the level of antioxidants and lipid peroxidation

S.A. Lawal, D. Ugbomoiko, M.A Muhibi, L.O Olatunbosun, A.O. Shittu, F.D. Olalere, K.A.T. Ogunwale, S.E. Ibrahim, A.A. AbdulRaheem, I.K. Lawal